Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts Inspiring needle felting kits and felt creations for beginners onward. Unlock your creativity!




Needle felting & Yorkshire tea are my passions and I happily admit I am addicted to both. Inspired by the animals of the British Isles I have created a range of award winning needle felting kits and creations to help you unlock your inner creativity.

Is needle felting for you?

Do you want to try a wonderfully addictive new craft that has no limits, from absolute beginners to advanced crafters? Are you yearning to unlock your creativity and be inspired? Do you, like myself, enjoy a laid-back approach to crafts? Does the thought of sewing fill you with dread but you want to be creative and don’t think you can be? Do you want time to yourself, away from the noise of daily life and routine, where you can completely immerse yourself in something creative? 

If your answer was yes to any of the above then needle felting is for you! 

The positive reasons for taking up a craft are endless but what is all the fuss about needle felting?        

Why has needle felting has taken the crafting world by storm?

 You need just one thing, enthusiasm! No tricky patterns. No sewing. No wires. No expensive fancy equipment.

You don’t have to be artistic or even creative and all you need is eagerness and a little time.

It is incredibly portable, light and requires very little space; just a needle felting kit of your own or, a stash of wool, foam pad, a felting needle and you are good to go. And yes, you heard right, no sewing which was a huge draw for me. I don’t mind a bit of basic sewing but I leave the rest up to the experts.                                                   

Whilst I have always loved arts and crafts, there was never one that really grabbed hold of me the way needle felting did. Once I discovered it I have never looked back!                    

With my new-found passion and a yearning to share this fabulously addictive craft, I set about designing needle felting kits for absolute beginners and one or two for those with a little more experience. I currently have 19 characters to choose from so there really is something for everyone.

I have a real love of making hares, Robins and mice so you will find them in my needle felting kits as well as my ready-made creations.

Lots of needle felting advice and tutorials can be found on my blog over at: