Accessories Starter Pack


Every accessory you need to start needle felting and more. This is such a great value starter accessory pack for anyone just starting out or as a lovely gift for a crafty friend or loved one.

For tutorials and guides visit my ULTIMATE BLOG GUIDE TO NEEDLE FELTING

You will receive the following in a cotton drawstring pouch for storage:

  • 4 needles 38 star (good all rounder for most projects) in a storage tube.
  • 2 needles 40 star (finer needle for delicate surface work or finishing) in a storage tube.
  • 1 reverse needle (excellent for adding fluffy character to your projects as it pulls the wool back out) in a storage tube.
  • Foam mat (for resting your project on)
  • Mat topper (protects your foam mat and will extend its life 10x)
  • Wooden needle holder (For comfort when felting for long periods)
  • 5 pairs glass beads (perfect finish to make the eyes of your animals shine)
  • Finger guards (To protect your fingers for delicate work)


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