Carded needle felting wool – Natural animal shades


Approx 120g carded wool *slivers for needle felting animals and wet felting.

Beautiful, bulky carded Corriedale in 6 of my favourite animal shades. Easy and lovely to work with and a very earthy natural finish.

Fibres separate easily and felt quickly with no visible needle marks. They can be blended to create a range of different colours for contrast.

I use this wool for a variety of projects including: Hedgehogs, hares, mice, badgers, foxes, squirrels, seals, soft needle felted sculpture, and for wrapping around armatures when I want to make a poseable animal (see photographs).

Perfect natural shades for:
• Needle felting
• Soft sculpture needle felting
• Needle felting around a frame or armature for poseable animals

Approx 20g of the following 6 shades:

• Badger
• Mouse
• Fox
• Squirrel
• Deer
• White

Due to the natural quality of this product you may find small pieces of vegetable matter.

Animals not included.

All Merino is ethically sourced in the UK and is from non mulesed sheep.

Please be aware that although I have tried to represent the colours as accurately as possible monitors and screen colours will vary.

*slivers are long lengths rather than sheets. This makes wrapping wool armatures much easier.


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