Beehive needle felting kit for beginners – Honey Pot Cottage


Honey Pot Cottage needle felting kit for beginners and beyond. Needle felted bees, hive and  flower create lots of individual elements that come together as as charming and whimsical ‘Honey Pot Cottage’.



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Captivating decor that doesn’t cost the ‘Earth’. Nature and nurture in a beautifully designed needle felting kit, inspired by nature and bees. Designed to capture the imagination and unlock your inner creative, with serious sustainable and eco-friendly credentials to boot. Pure wool, nothing more; 100% sustainable, biodegradable and responsibly sourced. All you have to do is open the box and add enthusiasm.

The result is a beautiful statement piece celebrating the art of needle felting and the wonderful properties of natural fibers.

Detailed instructions
Size guide
Wool guide
How to felt basics
Felt facts
Pure wool top, wool batting in all required colours
Foam pad – for felting on
Two felting needles

Approximate finished dimensions

Height: 15cm
Base diameter: 8/9cmcm

Keep away from children and animals. Not suitable for under 10’s. Children must always be supervised.

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