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Felting Mat – Hessian – Just fill with dried rice – 100% biodegradable


Hessian felting mat plus flat felt to protect the surface.

Just fill with rice, sew up the gap and start needle felting. Includes mat care and filling guide plus wool felt sheet to protect the surface of your mat, and significantly extend its life.

• Perfect base for needle felting 3D, 2D and flat felting
• Made from quality tight weave Hessian/Burlap
• 100% biodegradable (no zip) alternative to foam pad
• Posted flat (rice not included)
• Approximate size: 12″ x 8″
• Overlocked for strength
• 2 inch gap so it can be filled with approx. 3lb of rice and then quickly sewn up using a standard sewing needle and thread
• Eco friendly
• Organic and can be used time and time again; make it last even longer by laying a flat felt sheet or piece of heavy cotton on top
• Needle felting pens and multi tool also available; multi tool is perfect for flat felting pictures, ears, flowers etc. Multi tool is also ideal for children as it has a safety guard that retracts every time it is pushed into the felt.

Handmade at my Lincolnshire studio.

I use mine all the time at Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts and it is perfect for 3D felting and flat felting anything from, big bunny ears to needle felted pictures. I have been using mine for almost a year and it is still good to go.

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