Sold Out! Back Next Year – Pumpkin Needle Felting Kit – Winter Wonderland Pastels – Limited Edition



I have had a lot of requests for the pastel blend, and as it is a late addition you will receive the traditional pumpkin instructions in your kit box. Your kit is exactly the same except you will be using the winter pastel wool colours instead of the traditional colours. They definitely have a Winter wonderland feel to them so I will be keeping mine up over Christmas as well; any excuse not to pack them away. It’s packed with wool, enough to make around 12 small (apple sized) pumpkins, 5 medium or 3 large.

Please note: Colours and materials may vary slightly depending on availability.


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This is a super easy needle felting kit with a full, step by step, hold your hand video tutorial (and written instructions) so you can felt along with me workshop style. These gorgeous pumpkins are utterly addictive and make for some really show stopping Autumn and Winter decor!

Please note: Colours and materials may vary slightly depending on availability.

Perfect for beginners using wool batting sheets in vibrant seasonal colours.

  • Full video tutorial HERE
  • Enough wool batting for 12 small pumpkins (apple size), 5 medium or 3 large.
  • Wool looks great blended for different colours and effects.
  • Video tutorial is suitable for complete beginners to needle felting.
  • Ideal as decor, gifts, garlands or for seasonal markets.

Wool batting sheets are approximately 2cm thick and very springy for perfect pumpkins. Packaged in a sturdy A4 box; recycled, reusable and recyclable.

Each box contains the following approximately:

  • Light aqua 25g
  • Grey 25g
  • White 25g
  • Silk fibres 5g
  • Silk ‘cobwebs’
  • Core wool (for centre of projects) 100g
  • 15g approx. grey wool top for leaves and stems
  • 2 x Felting needles in storage tube
  • Felting mat
  • Instruction book with full colour photographs (same as for the traditional pumpkins)

Please note: Colours and materials may vary slightly depending on availability.

Wool batts are Perendale and ethically sourced Merino.

Small amounts of vegetable matter may be present. This is completely normal due to the natural properties of the product.

Pumpkins and accessories not included.

Please keep away from children and pets. Your pets cannot resist eating it and the needles are sharp

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