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SOLD! Life Size Needle Felted Hare – Needle Felted Snowshoe/Mountain Hare


I love Snowshoe hares; with their their unusual seasonal colours and huge back feet (hence the name ‘Snowshoe’) helping them traverse the Winter landscape. This one is mid season, shedding its brown Summer/Autumn coat for its Winter camouflage.

I have made the ears and feet around a wire frame, therefore adding stability and allowing you to pose them. Every part, including the eyes has been felted over many hours.

The wool I have used is from British breeds, predominantly white Shetland and brown Shetland Moorit.

Whiskers are horse hair from an old violin and cello bow.

Approximate size: 16 inches tall from feet to tip of ears and 8 inches wide.

Delivery is via Royal Mail tracked, signed and fully insured.

Caring For Your Sculpture (this is mostly required after transit):

Please keep your hare away from pets, especially dogs and cats. They just love the smell of sheep wool and will want to ‘play’ with it.

Do not to excessively bend the legs and ears of your hare. Your hare ears and feet are poseable but if excessively bent they may break. Just be gentle when changing position and don’t do it too often

Do not allow your sculpture to get wet or attempt to wash it! This will ruin it and matt the wool; a gentle blow with your hairdryer will remove any dust.

Don’t pull out loose fibres; instead tidy any wayward strands with a pair of scissors.

Do not brush as this will cause fibers to come loose and cause bald spots. Just fluff up gently with your hands if any area has become flattened when handling; like any sculpture, handling should be kept to a minimum and not given to children to play with.


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