Stiffer Wire Cotton Covered Pipe Cleaner – Pack of 20 – Length 30cm and 15cm


  • Includes UK postage.
  • 10 x 30cm and 10 x 15cm cotton covered pipe cleaners.
  • Ideal for creating needle felted animals, people, insects or any project that requires a little more stability, poseability and strength.
  • Cotton covered pipe cleaners hold the wool really well as you wrap around it. No need for wax or glue.
  • This pipe cleaner is pretty flexible but may break if you repeatedly bend the same place.


For tiny fingers and toes I would recommend the 0.5mm paper covered wire HERE

For heavy/life size pieces I would recommend the 1mm paper covered wire HERE

Please keep away from children and pets.
Keep away from face and eyes.


In stock

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