Vegetarian, organic needle felting wool – White Doulton Border Leicester – From Ellie’s farm “where sheep live to grow old”


Vegetarian needle felting wool from rare breed Doulton Border Leicester sheep. Approximately 25g.

It took me a long time to find a good felting wool that can be called 100% vegetarian and I am thrilled to be able, finally, to add this to the shop. Photograph is taken at the North Yorkshire farm where the sheep are reared.

Doulton Border Leicester produce an off white, beautiful coarse wool top perfect for needle felting and spinning.

About The Sheep – Doulton Border Leicester wool is made from the fleeces of sheep that live to grow old.

Ellie started with 2 lambs in 1997 and now has 300 of this lovely breed and also guarantees that no pesticides and chemicals are used on her flock, fleeces or finished wool. Premium, native rare breed, slaughter free, ethically produced, single farm and 100% pure British Border Leicester wool is scoured, carded and combed, before being worsted spun, dyed and skeined locally in Yorkshire, England. None of the sheep ever go to slaughter or end up in the food chain and Ellie welcomes visitors to her farm to see the sheep.

Please keep away from pets and children.

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