White armature wire for needle felting


Ideal for creating needle felted animals, people, insects or any project that requires a little more stability, poseability and strength. Chicken/bird legs can be left as is and just coloured with a sharpie/felt tip.

• Wires are tape covered and do not fray when cut; I found that cloth covered tended to unravel or fray leaving untidy ends that were difficult to cover.

• Ideal for creating needle felted animals, people, insects, flowers that need more structure and/or stability

• Allows you to pose your characters and animals

• Paper covering allows the wool to hold well around the wire during the first wrap; If possible, I would suggest wrapping tiny fingers, claws and toes before assembly.

• Two sizes available:
1mm x 50cm long; for stability, structure and larger pieces. When creating more intricate structures and twisting, using pliers (long nose or standard is fine) will make shaping much easier.

0.5mm x 50cm long; for little fingers, toes, wings, tentacles etc I would suggest using beeswax or similar if you want to seal the ends.

Please keep away from children and pets.
Keep away from face and eyes.

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Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

5 x 50cm(L) x 1mm(D), 5 x 50cm(L) x 0.5mm(D)

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