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  • Needle felting tool, Felting needle holder, Applique felting tool


    Needle felting tool, Felting needle holder, Applique felting tool

    As far as flat felting goes, the punch tool is the best thing since sliced bread! 

    Comes with 7 x 36-gauge needles supplied. They can be changed for any size. 

    Perfect for flat felting pictures or needle felting applique. 

    Significantly speeds up the needle felting process.

    Ideal for large hare/bunny ears or for any flat surface felting.

    It reduces the repetitive strain of a single needle.

    Brilliant for the kids to use as the retractable guard protects their fingers; it retracts as 

            you push down then covers the needles as you release. However, they should always be 


    Needles are easy to replace by just unscrewing the punch tool but they will last a long 

            while before becoming blunt. If one breaks then just pull it out and pop in a new one.

    Number of needles can be reduced e.g if your work becomes very firm and starts to 

            resist when you press down on the tool.

    Approx 10 cm long.

    I have five essentials on my work table: Punch tool; felting pen; single needles; rice bag and foam pad.

    The rice bag is my own hessian bag filled with rice and perfect for flat felting on (small and large pieces) but any flat protective pad will do. If I am using foam then a single needle or the felting pen (holds up to 3 needles) is more suitable. Needle felting brushes are also an ideal base for using this tool.